Systemic Research, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive educational program services for your unique needs. We are ready to assist you with each phase of your program from its inception to implementation, along with evaluation and reporting.

Systemic Research has more than a decade of experience working with colleges and universities (especially underrepresented minority serving institutions), K-12 school systems, non-profit education agencies, and private foundations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

We have completed three evaluative study grants for the National Science Foundation's (NSF) kindergarten to grade 12 Systemic Initiative programs: Comprehensive Partnership for Mathematics and Science Achievement (CPMSA), Urban Systemic Initiative (USI), and Rural Systemic Initiatives (RSI). The studies included numerous urban and rural school system site visits, during which the study teams conducted interviews and focus groups with school system staff, teachers, principals, students, partner higher education institutions, research centers and laboratories, foundations, and parents and community organizations. The team also conducted extensive teacher surveys and classroom observations.

Systemic Research designed, developed and implemented quantitative and qualitative monitoring systems for colleges and universities involved in NSF funded programs- Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE), Historically Black Universities and Colleges Undergraduate (HBCU)Program and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU) Program.

Other multi-year large scale projects include the American Indian Higher Education Consortium's (AIHEC) American Indian Measures for Success (AIMS), and the National Genomics Research Initiative (NGRI) funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).  For AIMS, Systemic Research developed and implemented the American Indian Measures of Success Key Indicator System, and published and disseminated annual AIMS Fact Books to show progress and highlights of the Tribal College Movement.  AIMS Fact Book 2005 was cited in the “2004-05 White House Initiative on Tribal College and Universities’ (WHITCU) Annual Performance Report to the President.”  Systemic Research completed a three year evaluation and assessment of the HHMI Science Education Alliance’s National Genomics Research Initiative (SEA-NGRI) from 2008 to 2012. 


For each program, Systemic Research designed, developed, and implemented evaluation frameworks and key indicator data collection instruments, published program progress indicator reports which were disseminated nation-wide, and provided technical assistance to stakeholders and institutions involved in the aforementioned programs. Systemic Research hosted numerous training workshops and conferences focusing on key indicator data management, self-evaluation capacity building, and best-practices in education. We published booklets and reports to disseminate program strategies and outcomes to funding agencies, stakeholders and the general public. Systemic Research also works with individual K- grade 12 school districts, institutions of higher education, and non-profit organizations' educational programs and projects. We can assist you with one or more aspects of your program. We offer personalized support customized for your unique needs. Please contact us by telephone direct (617) 780-7205 or Tel/Fax (774) 215-0622.